Manchevski Attends the Open Government Partnership Summit in Canada. North Macedonia Notes Positive Assessments in Terms of Measures Implemented for the Government's Openness to Citizens

Ottawa, May 31st, 2019

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, participated at the Global Open Government Partnership Summit, held in Ottawa, Canada.

Minister Manchevski addressed the panel discussion titled: “OGP in the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans: Raising Collective Ambition“, where he focused on issues related to activities that the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia undertakes in the context of implementation of measures under the Open Government Partnership. He also discussed the process of political and economic reforms and future plans and challenges in that regard.

"In fewer that two years, the Government has managed to bring institutions closer to citizens, by means of the concept of transparency, openness and accountability. They are involved in processes of development of all government policies, as an only way to produce policies, laws, strategies suitable to the interests and needs of all citizens", said Minister Manchevski.

Manchevski stressed the importance of trust in citizens towards institutions, which could only be attained by means of active transparency and opening data.

"With that in mind, we launched the new Open Data Portal. The number of data sets avaliable at present amounts to 200 from over 45 institutions. These figures exceed what was anticipated under the Action Plan. The awareness in institutions of the importance of opening data is continuously increasing, and the business community, media, civil society organizations increase their use of these data, which was the underlying goal of publication thereof. Our approach is to open all data, with the exception of those related to national security", stressed Manchevski.

Responding to the question: "How can governments keep citizens engaged in necessary but often painful reforms that can take long to show tangible results? “, Minister Manchevski said:

"This concept has shown a lot of success into moving the country from captured state (as stated in EU`s Commission country report) to one truly open and progressive role model set as positive example on the Balkans and worldwide. These principals set the path of reforms and the manner of how this Government practices its governing. This means there is a strong political will for introducing reforms that continuously open the institutions and transform them into a true service for the citizens".

In addition to Minister Manchevski, attendees that adressed the summit included Eduard Aghajanyan - Chief of Cabinet of the Armenian Prime Minister, Elena Beradze - Deputy Head of the Georgian Agency of Administration, high representatives of the Georgian Institute for Development of Freedom of Speech, as well as Hungarian Transparency International.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration