Minister Manchevski Addressed Attendees at the Official Robotics Week Launch Event

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, addressed the attendees at the official Robotics Week launch event - Robomak 2019.

The event is organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology under "Ss.Cyril and Methodius" University, to mark 10 years since the first Robomak event and FEEIT's 60 years of existence.

As Minister Manchevski noted, these events and competitions are an excellent opportunity and very useful experience, and serve as motivation that would attract many more young people to this field of science and enocurage them to constantly engage therein.

"We live in a dynamic era, particularly in terms of digitalization, where each day brings about a new invention, a robot with new skills, young persons who shape the limits of the possible. North Macedonia may be a small country, but young people are our resource, our future. We, as a state, would be able demonstrate competitiveness and quality before the world only if we invest in you, provide you with opportunities to improve, develop and acquire new skills", noted Minister Manchevski.

The Minister informed about activities that put North Macedonia on the map of states that actively engage in the field of digitalization and acquisition of digital skills.

"This year, our schools joined EU Code Week. I had the opportunity to attend one such event, where I witnessed the fact that young people are extremely willing to learn, but are also quite curious and interested in all opportunities digitalization offers. Furthermore, our youngest pupils participated in the European challenge "First Lego League" and, since the past week, all schools in the country are part of the regional project "21st Century Schools". This, however, is not sufficient and many more investments need to me made. As I already stated, this is a dynamic era in which an innovation today is old news tomorrow, and is quickly replaced by a new invention", said Minister Manchevski.

As part of Robotics Week, a series of activities will be implemented for the youngest people - primary school pupils, for secondary school pupils and for students from all faculties in the state and abroad. The Robotics Week will be concluded with the final Robomak challenge, to be held on March 23rd in the Army Hall, at 18:00 o'clock.

With this activity, FEEIT aims to raise awareness on robotics in the country and to spark an interest in young people to engage in studying this area, motivate secondary school pupils to enroll in faculties of technology and demonstrate that, in addition to theory, the faculties offer practical activities as well.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration