MISA Launched the Consultative Process on Amendments to the Law on Public Sector Employees and the Law on Administrative Servants

Skopje, April 15th, 2019

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration launched a consultative process of amendments to the Law on Public Sector Employees and the Law on Administrative Servants. Today's public discussion included presentation of the current state-of-affairs, challenges in implementation of these two laws, and proposals on aspects that need improvement.

As Minister Manchevski noted, the underlying aim of the amendments to both laws, in addition to other public administration reforms, is to change the work climate in public administration, to make the laws suitable to the actual state-of-affairs and result in recruitment of quality administrative staff. 

"We are initiating the process of discussions and consultations with all stakeholders. That is the formula for preparations of amendments to laws that would suit the actual needs. In addition to these amendments, we are also engaged in work on reorganization of the public administration. Furthermore, we are engaged in preparations of a new Law on Senior Civil Service. However, legal solutions do not suffice. We also need a change in the political culture and working conditions" stated Minister Manchevski, stressing that the laws provide solid grounds for the principles of the merit system; however, practical examples have indicated that changes are needed in multiple aspects.

The Secretary of State in MISA, Jahi Jahija, focused on most common issues detected by institutions that implement these laws.

"The scope, classification of public sector employees, planning of employments, mobility, transfer list, fixed-term employment, employment and promotion procedures, salaries...were the most common problems that stakeholders have pointed to during discussions. This list of problems stands as confirmation for the need to amend these two laws", said Secretary Jahija.

The Advisor on Administration in MISA, Biljana Zhagar Nikolovska, also addressed the attendees of the public discussion.

"Practical examples indicate the need to promote the effect, i.e. assessment management model. There is also a need to amend the mobility procedure, and to enable mobility between service providers and auxiliary and technical staff. In that, the system of administrative servants should remain complete", concluded Zhagar Nikolovska, also discussing the Balancer as a tool that did not foster the expected results in employment planning.

The Director of the Administration Agency, Spase Gligorov, discussed the three aspects that need to be amended in the Law on Administrative Servants, drawing on the Agency's experience.

"The section on employment procedure needs rationalization of requirements for employment, as well as simplification of the procedure itself. Changes are also needed in the promotion procedure. In terms of protection of the rights of administrative servants, rationalization is needed of commissions for conducting disciplinary procedures. Furthermore, the expiry date of disciplinary procedure implementation should be put into effect", informed Gligorov.

The large number of attendees sharing their practical use examples and providing recommendations in accordance with prepared research, vastly contributed to the discussion, and will serve as grounds for the legislative changes. 

Ministry of Information Society and Administration