Minister Manchevski Addressed the 11th Conference of the Human Resources Association

Skopje, May 20th, 2019

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, addressed the 11th conference on human resources, organized by the Macedonian Human Resources Association.

As Minister Manchevski highlighted, management of human and intelectual capital is of utmost importance for keeping up with global processes and transformation.

"Utilization of intelectual potential is enabled by development od adequate structures and solutions that would efficiently respond to challenges. Taking into account the importance and the role employees in the human resource department play in setting the foundation of a functional public service, MISA is actively engaged in development and promotion of this profession. There are many experiences in the private sectros that the public sector could use. Perhaps those experiences are not so simply applicable, but I firmly believe they are going to improve the work of the public sector as well. In that regard, preparations are underway to amend LAS and LPSE, which will be presented to the public in late June", stressed Minister Manchevski.

Focusing on activities that MISA undertakes with a view to develop the Human Resources profession, he discussed the human resource network and the new web-platforma for improved cooperation and communication.

"At the end of the previous year, we reaffirmed the human resource management network. The network is, in fact, a platform for communication, coordination and cooperation. The aim is to bring the administration closer to citizens. Moreover, the network aims to provide support of policies concerning provision of equal opportunities for public sector employees. We are well aware of the criticism towards public administration employees. Our common goal must be to improve the public's perception of the manner in which public administration operates. The work of human resource officials is of particular importance during that process. Particularly when we discuss improvement in delivery of services to citizens", said Minister Manchevski.

At the end, he highlighted the importance of cooperation between the public and private sector for development of each area and profession. Only by means of joint efforts could the public and private sector produce generally accepted work standards that would provide more quality and more efficient cooperation.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration