Manchevski: Public Administration Reforms Are for the Citizens and Will Continue with Support from the European Union

Skopje, June 24th, 2019

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, adressed the conference "What Lies Ahead? Public Administration Reforms After the European Council Meeting in June".

During his speech, the Minister focused on activities conducted in the past two years, as well as on measures that are in final phase of implementation.

"MISA also undertook activities to enhance implementation of the Law on General Administrative Procedure. A Help Desk was established for provision of information related to LGAP, and MISA's designated website also includes a separate tab intended for questions deriving from LGAP. The new Law on Inspection Supervision has already been adopted by the Parliament and implementation thereof will commence by the end of the current year. The new law anticipates issuance of warning notice prior to imposing sanctions and reduction of the amount of fines, thereby providing financial relief to entities subject to supervision. This also implies a new concept of inspection supervision by means of planning based on risk assessment, as well as unified inspection supervision, thereby ensuring increased legal security for entities subject to supervision", informed Minister Manchevski.

In terms of MISA's current focus, Minister Manchevski underlined amendments to the Law on Administrative Servants and the Law on Public Sector Employees. As he said, the underlying aim of the amendments is to streamline the process of selection and employment, enable faster carreer advancement, as well as to decrease levels of pressure over employees.

"The new Law on Senior Civil Service is also in its final phase of preparation. For the first time, this law would establish a unified process of selection and assignment of top management positions, founded on the principles of merit, equal  job position opportunities under equal conditions, adequate and equitable representation and gender equality.

The candidates would be chosen by means of individual procedures by the Commission on Senior Civil Service.

The senior manager would hold a clearly defined status and term-of-office, and would have law-stipulated duties. Moreover, mandatory trainings are anticipated for professional improvement and development, as well as performance management by means of review of attained results", said Minister Manchevski.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration